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BIG EVENT! Art Contest and PAX!!

PAX is an opportunity to show off your artwork! Or vote on your favorite art!

Just like before, we are asking the community to help with our Design-A-Sprite Contest!

There will be 4 winners this time around!

However, PAX is just around the corner, July 15th!

Therefore, the final day for submission is the 10th of July, while voting will be on the 11th.

The Sprites with the most votes may be used in webcomics, merchandise, the card game, and more. By submitting your Sprite, you are giving us the right to use them commercially and the right to make adjustments to fit them into The World of Sprites. Sprites Entertainment will retain all rights to these Sprites but we will give name recognition to the designers. Please keep in mind that we aren’t a big company or anything like that!

Anyway, to have the best chance of winning, please follow these guidelines as closely as possible. The guidelines include our suggestions and the general makeup of Sprites.

  1. The Sprite should resemble an animal, including mythical or extinct animals.

  2. The Sprite should not resemble current Sprites (shown below).

  3. Sprites should not have more than 3 colors.

    1. Black doesn’t count as an extra color but should only be on the face, framing the whites of a Sprites’ eyes (as shown on our Sprites below)

  4. Sprites have ghostly attributes.

We will add the pictures and a place to vote on our website, on the 11th of July.

Note: previous submissions can be resubmitted!

Feel free to email your creation:

Or mention us in an instagram post of your creation @Spritesentertainemnt

Here are some Sprites!

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