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Battle Brawl
A fast-paced friendly competitive card game

Sprite Box Mock-up.png


Number of Player: 2-4

Ages: 11+

Playing Time: 15-25 minutes


GAME designers:

Henry Serafim and Stephen Terenzi


(The box image is a mock-up and does not reflect the final product)

GAME Description:

Henry Serafim

Players compete for fame in a popular, non-lethal sport, Sprites Battle Brawl. Within the walls of The Arena, contestants attack and defend against each other to show off their skills using powerful companions called Sprites. Players can harness the Sprites and use their power to fuel all of the various tools and weapons in the Arena, creating their own sets of unique combinations and effects. Plan your moves and WOW the audience as you climb your way to victory!

How to Play

choose your character 

harness sprites

into your wands


players and 

gain fans to 

win the game!

use actions to play wands

activate abilites when playing sprites

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