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"Last Day of the GIVEAWAY!" Enter to Win Sprites Pre-Launch Edition!

How to Play, Click Here --> Ends 5/31 Why should I be excited for the Pre-Launch Edition? Included with this copy of the game are (2) Mini Comic strips. (A mini comic for each of the characters in the beta version.) The Pre-Launch Edition will feature an exclusive Sprite that has yet to be seen! It's both free and fun! Tested at conventions such as PAX Unplugged, Unpub, BFIG, CTFIG and MORE! What can I expect from the Pre-Launch Edition? This version of the game will include 2 playable characters for 1v1 Battles (Final version will play up to 4 players and will include an additional 2 characters) Although all of the Sprites wont be available during this version, you will still be able to create plenty of combos to outwit your opponent! Please keep in mind that the final version will have improved quality, components and refined art illustrations.** I hope you are as excited as we are for the Pre-Launch Edition of Sprites Battle Brawl and we really appreciate all of the support!

Our First Blog Post! Here's what to expect...

Dreaming about game design after a good (or bad) gaming experience is very common! We harness those feelings and turn it into Raw Game Design Power. That said, we are using our powers to bring Sprites: Battle Brawl to the market, along with much hopes and dreams. And we will continue to share our power through bringing Burnt, by John Bucciarelli, to market as well. We hope to help you play great games, and bring games to market! If you have a great game idea in mind, then stay tuned to our blog! We are going to share our experiences as well as our lessons learned, served medium rare! They are very good lessons that brought us thus far while having a lot of fun on the way. There’s also some scary, what-to-avoid stuff too, so be ready for a ride!

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