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[Completed] Bunbun Plush Toy Giveaway ends July 19th!

Feel free to enter the giveaway above and choose your favorite-looking Sprite!

We'd like to go into why this kind of feedback is so important, what it's done for us, and significantly extend our thanks for the feedback we have gotten so far. But let's start with a conclusion! The feedback we have gotten has fueled us this far because we recognized its value, then utilized it. And giving out a couple of plushies is a small measure of thanks.

Here's a breakdown on the feedback you're giving us and how it relates to BunBun being one of our first plushies:

If you have met us at conventions, then it's likely we have already asked you about your favorite Sprite and a discussion ensued. Undoubtedly, the consensus is that the first choice for plastering a Sprite on a T-shirt, or the like, should be the Sprites that circulated the most in these discussions. But additionally, we noticed a trend. As we created new Sprites, over the course of convention-going, the discussions shifted. And this was especially the case with the creation of Bunbun.

A lot of Sprites look like familiar animals. But this and other details were not the case 2 years ago when we first started asking about favorite Sprites. For example, it was when Vultaro came out that we confirmed the kind of artistic detail that was favored for Sprites. And believe it or not, Moomoo is an example of naming Sprites going spectacularly well. But it was Bunbun, followed by Munkchimp, that confirmed familiar animals makes so much sense, to the point where we should have thought of it from the start. After all, Sprites have always been the ghosts or spirits of animals that have passed away.

Thank you for your votes on Bunbun and Munkchimp! They will be 2 of our Sprite Plushies! They symbolize the direction we have worked on together with our fans and we couldn't be more happy about that! If you have new favorites or you're just getting into Sprites, please remember to type in your favorite Sprite's name. It's likely we will showcase your favorite Sprite in someway that may even include some story, as we are in the process of making comic and animation!

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