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[Completed] Enter to Win Sprites Pre-Launch Edition!

How to Play, Click Here -->

Ends 5/31

Why should I be excited for the Pre-Launch Edition?

  • Included with this copy of the game are (2) Mini Comic strips. (A mini comic for each of the characters in the beta version.)

  • The Pre-Launch Edition will feature an exclusive Sprite that has yet to be seen!

  • It's both free and fun! Tested at conventions such as PAX Unplugged, Unpub, BFIG, CTFIG and MORE!

What can I expect from the Pre-Launch Edition?

  • This version of the game will include 2 playable characters for 1v1 Battles (Final version will play up to 4 players and will include an additional 2 characters)

  • Although all of the Sprites wont be available during this version, you will still be able to create plenty of combos to outwit your opponent!

  • Please keep in mind that the final version will have improved quality, components and refined art illustrations.**

I hope you are as excited as we are for the Pre-Launch Edition of Sprites Battle Brawl and we really appreciate all of the support!

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